What is probably more frustrating than picking your outfit? Well, it has to be choosing the right jewelry to pair with it. Of course, choosing is great, but having too many choices can make jewelry styling feel quite daunting. Read on to know some authentic ways of jewelry styling with your outfit.

1. Know jewelry trends in trend
To start coordinating jewelry pieces with your outfit, you must know about a few latest trends. This will help you maintain a youthful and modern appearance, regardless of your age.

2. Pick statement earrings to highlight your face
You may be wearing the perfect outfit, but if you wish to grab all the attention to your face, you must team it with statement earrings. When shopping for earrings, pick one that complements your face’s shape.

3. Pick bracelets or watches that go with your outfit
When you are wearing a tank top, cuffed shirt, or short-sleeved one, pick bracelets. They add color to your look and garner focus to your arms. You can pick layered bracelets, bangles, or minimal chains, as you like. Do not wear bracelets with a long-sleeved top.

4. Pendant for your outfit
Regardless of the kind of outfit, you cannot go wrong with a pendant. Pendants are suitable for all necklines and all occasions. 

5. Opposite colors attract
When you are assembling your outfit, the color of the jewelry is also essential. You cannot put on a striking pair of hoops with a patterned dress. So, always ensure that you pick neutral tones with bold colors. For instance, if you have a turquoise dress, team it with ivory or neutral tone jewelry. Balance is the key!

6. When wearing a busy pattern, keep jewelry minimal
When you wear loud jewelry on an already busy clothing pattern, it looks out of place. Hence, busy prints and wild jewelry are a clear No! 

7. Your jewelry should complement your skin tone
Jewelry need not just match your outfit but must also complement your skin tone. So, if you have matte skin and dark hair, gold jewelry should be the pick for you. In contrast, silver can work well with almost all neutral tones. Women with cooler tones can pick gems that are blue, purple, and red. White gold, too, can be a good pick for them. For warmer skin tones, orange, yellow, and green stones work well.

8. When in doubt, pick diamonds
If you do not know what to wear with your dress, you can pick diamonds. You can never go wrong with them! 

9. Sea-colored clothes and pearls, always a hit!
Pearls will complement all shades of sea colors. So, pearls will look gorgeous with everything from deep greens to blues and stormy grays.

10. For classic attires, black and gold works well
Lastly, if it is a simple, classic attire, you can conveniently coordinate it with black or gold jewelry.