One of the best ways to accentuate how your eyes look is via eyeshadows. However, it is not always easy to get your eye makeup on point. You may have questions and apprehensions about which colors look good on your complexion or how do you pair your lipsticks and eyeshadows, which color combinations look good for your eye makeup, and so on.

This post will help you with some eye makeup tips to make the proper color combination selections for your eye makeup. 

1. Gold and Nude
One of the most common eye makeup tips that you must have heard from several experts in the gold and nude combination for the eyes. It is a very subtle eye effect. The thing with nude shades is that they look effortless. Adding a hint of gold to the eyes adds that extra gleam to the eyes. This is a phenomenal combination and can give you an elegant and glam look. 

2. Green and Brown
When you team the brown and green eye shadows together, it looks pretty earthy. Such a combination lets you play with the colors without stretching too much out of your comfort zone. Also, for someone who has brown eyes, this look can be quite flattering. Smudge the brown shade onto your upper last line and the green tone on the lower lash line, and you can get a perfect earthy look.

3. Chocolate Brown, Matte Beige, and Shimmery Bronze
If there has to be one of the most popular or best eyeshadow combinations, it must include browns and beige. These colors can help you create a universally flattering look. When you use the soft matte tones, they can even out the lid tone and add some definition to your eyes. However, if you require more definition, you can include a slightly darker tone on the crease. Finally, team it with a bold red lip, and your whole thing will appear well-balanced.

4. Bronze and Plum
If you wish to create a wedding or a festive look, and you cannot think of any perfect combinations, bronze and plum should be your go-to, safe picks. They are classic and always work. This color pair is a match made in heaven and will indeed have all the head turns your way. You can wear them with gowns and ethnic looks.

5. Burnt Orange and Navy
For women who love beautiful and bold eyes, this is one of the best eyeshadow combinations. The navy and burnt orange combination is an old classic. It can be pulled off to an evening party and will also look subtle for the day look. Make sure you blend the colors well. The idea is to keep blending till you get the perfect smooth matte finish. This is one of the essential eye makeup tips that are applicable for all combinations.