Human bones and joints age with time and can become weaker if they are not taken care of during the prime years. Weaker bones and joints lead to pain and an inability to move around. Here are some awesome smoothie ideas to improve bone and joint health. You can have these for breakfast or anytime you get hungry in between meals.

1. Spinach smoothie
Spinach is an excellent source of calcium, iron, and other essentials vitamins and minerals. Take a handful of spinach and add to your blender. Add half a cup of yogurt, some salt, and a piece of ginger. Blend this and enjoy a wonderful green smoothie that will keep your bones strong and also help your skin glow.

2. Beetroot smoothie
Beetroots can be used for bone and joint health. Cut one beetroot into small slices, add some sweetener of your choice, a pinch of salt, and half a cup of full-cream milk. Blend and enjoy the smoothie in the morning. This smoothie will keep you full for hours.

3. Yogurt smoothie
Yogurt is a great option to get your source of calcium for the day. Add a handful of frozen fruits or berries of your choice into a blender and one cup of chilled yogurt. Blend into a smooth mix and enjoy the smoothie. This is a great snacking option during summers.

4. Fig smoothie
Both dried and fresh figs contain healthy amounts of calcium and can be blended into a smoothie with some yogurt or milk and drunk for bone and joint health. Figs are naturally sweet, and if you want, you can add some honey to the smoothie to make it tastier.

5. Zucchini yogurt smoothie
A 100 g of zucchini contains 16 g of calcium, which is super low in calories. Add some pieces of zucchini in a blender, a handful of mint leaves, some salt, cumin seeds, half a chili, and a cup of yogurt, and mix this well. Pour into a tall glass and serve. This is perfect for those who are bored of regular sweet smoothies.

6. Raspberry almond smoothie
Add some frozen raspberries, almond milk, soaked almonds, honey, and a pinch of cinnamon to a blender and make a fresh, healthy smoothie. Almonds are calcium-rich and are full of healthy fats too. You can create variations of this smoothie by using other kinds of berries or fruits like mangoes or peaches. They taste equally good and support bone and joint health too.

Make a note of all these smoothies that you can have to enhance your bone and joint health. If you keep using different ingredients, you will never get bored of them.