Taking care of your lungs is nothing but important. Breathing problems can occur due to several reasons, like smoking and air pollution, and there are ways to keep such issues at bay and improve lung health. Breathing difficulties and food choices are related in ways more than one, and there are certain foods that one needs to avoid in order to keep their lungs strong.

1. Broccoli
Broccoli is quite healthy and secures a top spot when it comes to healthy food items. However, such is not the case regarding breathing difficulties and food options, as broccoli is often associated with bloating issues. Therefore it is advised to keep broccoli and similar veggies like cauliflower and cabbage off your food plate.

2. Chips
Processed foods are already on the list of items that experts advise avoiding for good health. Chips are loaded with salt and saturated fat, and that is not good for the overall health of the lungs. Excess salt in daily diet can lead to increased blood pressure which is definitely not a good sign.

3. Ice cream
Consumption of dairy products can lead to the production of mucus in the respiratory tract. People who notice health issues such as excessive phlegm, stuffy nose, and sinus irritation should minimize intake of dairy items such as ice cream.

4. Bread
Foods containing sugars and refined flours like bread are also on the list of breathing difficulties and food items to avoid. Most foods rich in simple carbohydrates are known for their inflammatory qualities, and the lungs need to work a lot harder to metabolize such foods.

5. Beer
Alcohol in any form is harmful to the body, especially the lungs. Alcohol choices such as sugar-coated cocktails and wine should be avoided if people wish to take good care of their health. Of all the alcohol choices that need to be kept at bay, beer is on the top of the list.

6. Cold cuts
Processed meats have nitrates in them, and their consumption should be minimized in order to improve lung health.

7. Chocolate
People dealing with lung issues can keep their distance from foods like chocolates since they are packed with sugar and have very few nutrients. Other than that, chocolate has caffeine in it, which is known for negatively impacting heart rate.

Breathing difficulties and food selection go hand in hand since it is the choices that one makes that affect the health of the lungs and keep them healthy and active or otherwise. The foods mentioned above can lead to lung issues and have an overall negative impact on the human body.