Weddings, job interviews, fun day out with friends, barbecue, bridal shower, and every other significant event have one thing in common – deciding what to wear. Unfortunately, with numerous options, it often gets difficult to make a clear choice. 

To help you, here are the perfect dress styles for different events. 

1. Wedding
Weddings for men are simple. It will either be a white-tie or a black-tie event, unless, of course, the bride and the groom decide to have a different theme for their wedding. So, you can wear a tuxedo or a suit. A dark suit with party shoes works well but pick colors that suit the season and the wedding.

However, for women, it can be tricky. You have to look good, but you have to keep it subtle enough to not overshadow the bride. The rule is simple – do not touch your white dresses. However, you can still pick the best gowns in your closet. A floor-length gown is one of the perfect dress styles for weddings. You can also pick a gorgeous knee-length dress and accessorize your dress as per the event’s theme. 

2. Religious ceremony
If you are going to any religious ceremony, bar mitzvah, or baptism, you can pick a suit with feminine accents and underpinnings or a daytime dress in subtle floral prints. Please bear in mind, whatever you wear should not be clingy, low-cut, or short. Also, carry along a neat jacket, blazer, or a light sweater, if you are adorning cut-sleeves dress styles. When there is a reception immediately after the religious event, and there is no time to change, you can pair your dressy pants or cocktail dress with a wrap or jacket on the top.

3. Company party or a business dinner
When you are headed to a business party or dinner, you should never wear something too revealing or provocative. The idea is to ensure that people take you seriously, especially when it comes to job promotions. Opt for a smart-casual that is work-appropriate. Women can adorn a skirt with a nice blouse or a casual dress, and men can wear dress pants or khakis with smart shoes.

4. Job interview
When you dress for a job interview, you must look professional. So, pick your tailored suit and team them with pumps. Alternatively, a solid navy or black dress can also work well. Never choose something too trendy or casual, and avoid distracting jewelry.