Excessive sweating and body odor can take place when you are exercising or when your environment is too hot. It is also often associated with being too anxious or nervous. However, when a person tends to experience excessive sweating for no reason, it can be considered hyperhidrosis. Likewise, changes in body odor can also be a health problem.

Here are some lifestyle tips to prevent heavy sweating and body odor.

1. Use an antiperspirant
Antiperspirants are topical substances with metals such as zinc and aluminum. They block sweat gland pores, stopping the body from heavy sweating. These are not the same as deodorant, as the latter only covers body odor. Commonly, antiperspirants are used on the underarms, but people with hyperhidrosis can also use them on other areas like the face, hands, and feet. Most antiperspirants are easily available over the counter, while stronger ones are only available on prescription.

2. Use antibacterial soap
Cleansing yourself thoroughly with antibacterial soap will keep bacteria away, helping you get rid of body odor. If you tend to sweat excessively and have body odor, consider buying an antibacterial soap.

3. Remove unwanted body hair
Unwanted body hair should be removed to manage heavy sweating as well as body odor. The humid weather can make the body sweat, whether or not you have hyperhidrosis. Excessive body hair leads to more than usual body odor when sweating. To avoid this, you should wax, shave, or trim your body hair regularly.

4. Limit salty, fatty, or spicy foods
Sweating profusely can also be caused by certain types of foods. Therefore, these should be avoided if you are prone to excessive sweating and strong body odor. Spicy foods like chili or hot peppers should be avoided as these increase heart rate, making you sweat more. Further, certain processed foods cause excessive sweating as the body has to work harder to digest these. Similarly, the body cannot easily digest salty foods such as potato chips, causing heavy sweating.

5. Wear the right clothes
Opt for loose and comfortable clothes over body-hugging clothes. These might make you sweat more, and the sweating will be more clearly visible. Further, some fabrics retain sweat-like synthetic material, and these should be avoided as well. Go for loose cotton clothes if you sweat more than usual, especially during the summers.

6. Splash vinegar
Vinegar is known to balance the skin’s pH levels. Therefore, splashing a dose of vinegar in areas where you sweat the most can control excessive sweating and get rid of body odor. Vinegar successfully creates an antibacterial environment in the body that controls sweat and odor.