Finding a comfortable mattress can be quite difficult, especially for those who are suffering from any type of back pain. This issue occurs because there is a direct relation between mattresses and pain. People have different ways of sleeping and different preferences when it comes to mattress selection. The type of mattress is very critical to the quality of sleep one gets.

Listed below are the best mattress brands for those suffering from chronic pain.

1. Brooklyn Bedding
Pressure relief is one of the most important factors that people with back pain look for. Brooklyn Aurora is one of the best mattresses in this regard and is one of the best mattresses for people dealing with upper back, neck, and shoulder pain. The mattresses are made with a combination of individually wrapped coils and memory foam, keeping the spine in place without making the sleeper uncomfortable. In addition, people who tend to get hot while sleeping will find comfort in the fact that this mattress provides extra airflow for a balanced temperature.

2. Helix Sleep
A majorly differentiating factor about this mattress is that this is custom-made as per your requirements. Thus, you can keep your worries related to mattresses and pain at bay. While buying a Helix Twilight mattress, you’ll be required to fill a questionnaire and will be recommended a mattress that is based on your requirements. The mattresses are ideal for those with chronic body mainly because the body is kept firm while sleeping while not being too hard at the same time. There is a special Memory Foam Plus Foam layer that cushions your pressure points and an additional polyfoam layer provides extra support.

3. Casper
This brand is the recommended choice for combination sleepers or people who do not sleep in any specific posture. Casper is the most luxurious brand in this list, providing support, alignment, and cooling to the sleeper, while at the same time being a very durable product. While Casper’s Wave Hybrid is a good choice for all kinds of sleepers, it is especially favorable for side sleepers because of its construction. The memory foam and pocketed coils ensure great bounce back.

4. Layla Sleep
The mattress has four layers, which include a 4.5-inch thick support foam that helps keep the back straight. This layer ensures that there is no sinking feeling that you get in several other mattresses. One side is firm while the other is soft, and you can choose the side that one feels most comfortable. Of course, the firm side is recommended for people with chronic pain. Layla Sleep offers a trial period of 120 days, which is slightly lesser than that of its competitors. Its mattresses comes in various sizes, ranging from Twin to California King.