We love our pets dearly, and we show them our affection by spoiling them with delicious treats from time to time. However, with so many varieties in the market, you need to ensure that the food you feed your pet is healthy and nutritious. Here, we’ve listed four popular brands that sell healthy cat treats. Make a note of these and find out what works best for your feline friend.

1. Greenies
Greenies Dental Treats are one of the best brands out there that offer healthy cat treats. As the name suggests, the brand mainly caters to the oral health of pets. Approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC), their treats are formulated to control tartar and clean the teeth and gums. In addition, they don’t contain any artificial flavors, preservatives, and fillers. The treats are made with natural ingredients, have the necessary vitamins and minerals, and are low in calories.

The best cat treats on offer by Greenies include Greenies Feline SmartBites Healthy Skin & Fur, Greenies Feline Tempting Tuna Flavor Adult Dental Cat Treats, and Greenies Pill Pockets Feline Salmon Flavor Cat Treats.

2. Blue Buffalo
Established in 2003, Blue Buffalo is one of the leading pet food brands in the country. They’re best known for using quality natural ingredients with only real meat. At the same time, the brand doesn’t use corn, wheat, or soy, which can cause allergies in pets. The secret behind the company’s success is their six-point quality check, which minutely monitors every batch manufactured.

Among the many healthy cat treats on offer by Blue Buffalo, the most popular include Blue Buffalo Bursts With Savory Seafood and Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken & Salmon. You can also try the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Soft-Moist Grain-Free Cat Treats Variety Pack that comes in different flavors like chicken and turkey, chicken and trout, chicken and salmon, and chicken and duck. These soft treats are suitable for kittens, adults, and even old cats.

3. Wellness
Wellness is a pet food brand that caters to the overall health of your pet. Their treats are loaded with superior nutrients and probiotics necessary for animals to live longer. Some of their common cat food ingredients include chicken, turkey, duck, salmon, and rice.

Among the many options available, the Wellness Kittles Crunchy Natural Grain-Free Cat Treats are the most sought after. In addition to the main ingredient and flavor, salmon, these treats also have peas, flaxseed, cranberries, and blueberries. These healthy cat treats provide vitamins, omega fatty acids, and other nutrients.

4. Temptations
Temptations is another top cat food brand in the country that provides nutritional and balanced meals for your pet. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, most cats love the treats from this brand. The company claims that its treats contain less than two calories per piece.

Temptations’ ShakeUps are the most popular among consumers. Sealed in stay-fresh pouches, these healthy cat treats come in flavor combinations like lobster-crab-shrimp and chicken-turkey-catnip. The treats are reasonably priced, and you can find them in different pack sizes.