Getting kids involved in the kitchen is a great way to keep them engaged. And there’s nothing better than helping them try out new snack recipes. Kids can prepare their own snacks, which they love and are fun to cook. The recipes given below are healthy and fun snacks that kids can make themselves, and parents can assist or relax depending on the kids’ age.

1. Yogurt and fruit parfait
This is an absolutely delicious, healthy, and versatile snack that kids can easily make with minimal parent supervision. In a medium-sized bowl, kids can add any fruit of their choice, such as fresh or frozen berries, apple, orange, and banana. Next, layer it with yogurt topped with chopped nuts and seeds to complete the parfait.

2. Almond butter and Banana sandwich
Nothing is quicker than making a healthy sandwich perfect for hungry little stomachs. Kids can make sandwiches using simple ingredients from the kitchen pantry. All you need is whole-grain bread topped with protein-rich almond butter and potassium-packed banana to make this healthy sandwich.

3. Trail mix
For younger kids, trail mix is an easy and fun snack they can make. Give your child a variety of healthy ingredients to make their own trail mix. Few options include dried fruit like apples, papaya, cranberries, whole-grain cereal, nuts like almonds, cashews, raisins, walnuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, popcorn, and mini pretzels.

4. Fruit and cream cheese graham cracker
It is one of the no-bake healthy snacks that kids will love preparing on their own. Choose graham crackers made with wholesome ingredients so that kids can whip up a healthy treat. Split the graham cracker in half and apply cream cheese mixed with a little powdered sugar and a dash of vanilla extract. Next, kids can top it with their favorite fruit and snack on it.

5. Celery caterpillar
Celery caterpillar is one of the many healthy kid snacks kids will love to make. To make this healthy snack, they need celery stalks, grapes or blueberries, peanut butter or cream cheese, and candy eyes. Kids can fill the celery stalk with their choice of filling and use the fruit to make the body and head of the caterpillar. The remaining butter or cream can be used to attach the candy eyes of the caterpillar if desired.

6. Apple nachos
Made from apples, this is one of the amazing healthy kid snacks and will surely be a hit with kids. Your little ones may need little assistance in cutting the apples into thin wedges. For apple nachos, you can use either peanut butter or almond butter for a protein-packed snack. Let the kids arrange a layer of apples on a plate and drizzle the butter over the apples. Sprinkle raisins or walnuts over it for added taste and crunch.

Let your child try these delicious healthy kid snack recipes and have great fun learning some cooking skills. Plus, these recipes are healthy, so you need not worry about what is going into their mouth.