Skin health and pollution in your city are also directly related. Poor air quality means poor skin health. Although controlling the quality of outdoor air is not possible, you can take measures to control air quality indoors when you know that the city pollution is damaging your skin. So, if you live in any of these ten cities, skin health and pollution should be one of your top concerns.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada
About one-fifth of the residents of Las Vegas have a habit of smoking. This is among the highest numbers of smokers all over the U.S. Thus, the health of the skin among the city residents is often compromised. In addition to many smokers, the city is located 2030 ft above sea level and has a desert climate.

2. Phoenix, Arizona
The city experiences strong sunshine for the maximum part of the year and has fewer dermatologists available per capita. Moreover, Phoenix also experiences high ozone days for a long duration. 

3. Sacramento, California
Sacramento receives sunshine in abundance and has a population of runners, boaters, and cyclists who are not found using proper sunblock. The city also experiences a significant number of high ozone days. 

4. Fresno, California
The city’s poor air quality and high ozone days make Fresno one of the worst cities for skin health. Located in the Northern California valley, the air pollution from the Bay area gets trapped in the city. 

5. Los Angeles, California
This is another city that is terrible for your skin health due to its high ozone days in the year. Also, there is a lot of traffic pollution generated from the freeway, which gets trapped in the city since mountain rings surround it. 

6. San Diego, California
The National Cancer Institute data shows that San Diego has the largest number of melanoma cases in the U.S. The proximity of the city to the beach and its dry climate makes people spend more time outdoors. Also, the weather conditions let people wear less clothing and expose their skin to sun damage more.

7. Charlotte, North Carolina
This is another city in the country with high ozone days, making it bad for skin health. Given the city’s geographical location, the airflow during the hot days of the year is low. In addition, the city is also home to coal-powered plants and has a good population growth which contributes to low-quality air.

8. Memphis, Tennessee
As the data suggests, Memphis has a population that is the least physically active. Moreover, the number of dermatologists per capita is also low in the city. 

9. Fort Worth, Texas
Tanning beds can be found in a large number in the city. This exposes the city’s population, especially young women, to the urge to use them throughout the year. Besides, the hot Texan climate is also a hazard for the skin.

10. Tulsa, Oklahoma
The city has a large population of people who do not indulge in any physical activity. Moreover, the high intensity of the sun in the city is another factor that makes it one of the worst cities for skin health.